Saturday, January 31, 2015

Making Tinsel Handspun Yarn: The Prep

I'm really excited to be making this tinsel yarn. It has been on the back of my mind for a few years, but now that I have bona fide tinsel (metallic and everything!), it's time to make this project into a reality. If you'd like to work this project with me, gather some goods:
  • Tinsel! Or if you don't have tinsel, Easter grass will work. And if you have none of those, you can get plastic thread tinsel-like stuff at party stores (you can find them in small bags, and are often used to add pizzazz to boxed gifts).
  • Plying yarn! Or not, it's not required. Or if you don't want to use something commercial, you can spin your own plying yarn. Mine have 125 yards each (3 oz)
  • Wool! Any kind will do, just make sure you have enough of it to blend with the tinsel.
Here's the plying yarn I plan to use:

Here is the sequin yarn I want to also maybe use for this project:

I haven't figured out which colors I want to combine together yet, but I'd like to hear your input. Do you think I should go traditional, and just do red and green? Should I use both plying yarns with my tinsel handspun? Should I bring in other colors, like gold and blue? Or should I do an entirely different theme? I have a lot of tinsel, so I could do lots of mini projects. Post in the comments below!