Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Free Cora Shawl Knitting Pattern

Here is my first free pattern I posted on my blog and ravelry.

First posted on March 8, 2013:

First, a bit of an update. They’re on their way! What are? The batts, of course! Now, you’ll remember that I can’t dye in Korea, so I’ve been focusing on making batts for the last few months. I sent off the box to America a few days ago, so they’ll be available for sale this weekend..hopefully. :) I will be posting special offers only available to my Facebook and Twitter followers. So...go there and collect on the deals!

Also, I’ve had a lot more time lately to develop new patterns for handspun yarn (or commercial and artisan dyed yarns). I’ve been posting a lot of sneak peek photos to FB. The first one I'm posting is a FREE shawl pattern. I call it Cora, and here's an excerpt from the pattern:

"Cora is a story of an enduring shawl. She was built to keep a neck warm, and her elegance is expressed in the clarity of the design. With functionality in mind, Cora conveys a gratitude to the simplicity of our pre-internet days."

Well spoken, no? I was truly inspired to make it, so I hope you will be too. If you make the shawl, be sure to send me some photos. I'd love to make a shawl gallery for the website. :)

Here's the pattern link: Download Cora Shawl Pattern