Monday, November 11, 2013

Being Thankful: Handspun Yarn Giveaway!

You guys are great. No really. Absolutely fantastic. When I'm sitting here thinking of what to make a video about, you're there. When I'm indecisive about a new project, you're there. When I've made something pretty and I can't find anyone around to appreciate it, you're there. So, thank you for always being there for me.

Big businesses often forget what got them there. It's the people buying the product and being loyal. It's about filling a need. It's the business listening to what the people want and giving it to them. But they sometimes lose sight of that when they get too big for their britches and scale-up. That's one of the best reasons to shop at small businesses. That's why I love being a small business. I listen to what you say, give you the product you want, and make changes that brings all aspects of entrepreneurship into balance. In return, you share your ideas, your projects, and your unending enthusiasm. Without further adieu, here are the details of the give away. First, the yarn!

This novelty handspun is made of mostly merino wool, with teeswater locks, bamboo, firestar, angelina, and tussah silk, and it has been plied with a heavy cotton thread and various colored sequins.

There's a color gradient that goes from a desaturated green to a chocolatey burnt sienna brown. The total weight of the skein is 113g, with about 130 yards total.

Here are the details of how to enter to win. There are numerous ways to get your name into the hat for the drawing.
  1. Follow my blog! (Post in the comments below)
  2. Follow me on Twitter! (Tweet at me so I know to give you an entry)
  3. Like my Facebook page! (Post on my page so I can give you another entry!)
Those will give you one entry each. How else can you get an entry ticket? Well, I'll be posting mini-challenges on Facebook from now until November 27, 2013, and if you contribute, I'll give you another entry. On November 27 at 5pm CDT, I'll tally up the entries and pick a random winner via random number generator. The winner will be announced on Thursday, November 28. I have a secret for those who didn't win the giveaway, but I'll not spoil the prize before then. :) Just keep watching the facebook page for more info.

I can't thank you enough. You're the best support structure I could ask for, and I'm glad you spend a few moments every day reading my posts on Facebook, here, and watching my videos on Youtube.