Thursday, May 7, 2015

Knitting the Free Yuna Shrug: Companion Videos

I have finished making the videos for the Yuna Shrug companion tutorial series, which closes out this incredible project. It was wonderful working through this project with you guys, and I'm happy to do this kind of project again in the future (though, probably with shortcuts since you don't need to see the exact same thing twice, right?). So, let's start at the beginning! The pattern. The yarn:

I got the pattern started and worked it until I got to the first set of cables, then I made this video:

Here is the closeup of the first cable after I knitted a few more rows:

Then I posted a video about how I make the central 4x4 cable so it lays a little flatter:

Here is the closeup of the central cable after I finished knitting a few more rows. You can see how it is similar to the flanking cables:

This is how the Yuna Shrug looks when you have bound off. It is stretchy and looks a bit small. Washing will help the stitches relax and lay flatter--remember that this pattern doesn't require blocking:

Here's the 2x2 ribbing on the backside of the shrug:

Here is the shrug after it has been washed and dried:

You can really see how the central cable lays flatter in this photo. It's an extra detail, but given that it's an easy trick to get the cables to look similar, it's worth changing how you make cables so that they all look the same. When I make a typical cable, I keep those stitches quite tight so they really pop out of the fabric.

In the last video, I show you how I wove the silk ribbon into the bind off edge. It's optional, but pretty and can serve a function for this one-size-fits-most project:

To weave in the silk ribbon, find the side which is the least stretchy (for me, this is the bind off edge). You'll be weaving the silk between the bind off edge and the row just before that. I started by going into the fabric just before a set of k2 (to wit, insert the ribbon in the last purl before the k2 section):

Place the ribbon in the hole and pull it through to the back side of the shrug:

Then you'll pop out again through the end of the knit section, just before the purls:

Thread the silk ribbon through again:

Ta-da! Just keep doing that until you're all done:

Here's how the Yuna Shrug looks after the silk ribbon has been woven into the bind off edge:

I had about 40 or so yards left over when I was all done, so there was plenty to do a swatch if you like doing that. I think there's enough for me to use it as warp in a new weaving project. :)

Wash your Yuna Shrug again if you'd like, or simply throw it over your head and wear it! I will be altering the pattern to reflect the community additions. Feel free to mix and match ribbing styles to suit your personal tastes too. Don't forget to share your Yuna project with the Ravelry thread!