Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Results of the Being Thankful Second Annual Giveaway!

I double checked the tallies, and we have two new winners of the Second Annual Being Thankful Giveaway! First, I want to thank every single person who stopped by to read the blog, follow me on twitter, and join our group on Facebook. I couldn't be the teacher I am without your comforting and supportive comments. :) Second, there was an overwhelming response for the batt/magazine part of the giveaway, so hang tight for a few days while I think of what to do for those who didn't win anything...there were a lot of you who wanted that batt! I had hoped for a slightly more even split for the handspun and batt, but it would appear that most of you are spinners (or soon to be!). Last, let's bring on the results.

As I mentioned before, I was going to use a random number generator ( to generate the winners. For the Handspun, we have:

...Barbara-anne Nash! You are the lucky winner of the handspun. :) I really hope you like it and enjoy crafting with it.

Now, for the batt/magazine:

...the lucky winner is Amy Connolly! I hope you enjoy the batt and the extra copy of Spin-Off magazine.

Winners, please send me your mailing address: I will get these items shipped off to you as soon as I can! Again, thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway. And if anyone was curious, here are the results of the cranberry/gravy question:

It was practically an even split! And, as always, I will kick off December with a new coupon: FLASHSALE15 for 15% off a purchase worth $10 or more from my Etsy shop. I'm letting you in on the sale a week early! Enjoy the discount and first pick of my items before I open up the sale to the Etsy community. Thank you all for making this year great! <3