Friday, October 31, 2014

Where is October Going?

Well, the month is nearly over already. October has gone by in a flash, it seems. How did that happen? First, let me talk briefly about some recent events.

I decided to reopen my shop. The reason I closed it the back in April had to do with the logistics of operating my Etsy shop remotely and asking my in-laws to deal with the shipping of orders. If a problem arose, I was helpless to fix it personally. I'm glad that my in-laws are organized so that when there was a problem, which happened a few times with international shipping, it was rectified quickly. But things changed.

I also decided that my personal environment is very important to me, and if I was going to get another master's degree, followed by a PhD., I should relocate to the physical campus. So, instead of just staying wherever and doing my master's online (again), I intended to apply for the taught master's program at Leicester. But living on campus is expensive, and I needed to pick up an income wherever I could. So, Expertly Dyed is back open.

You can check out the sidebar link to my Etsy shop to see what's new. Here are some brand new items which are making their voyage to America right now:

I also apologize for not updating the blog recently either. I needed to update and rewrite my personal statement for my grad application, which took a week to do. Then I wrote a murder mystery for our virtual Halloween party, which also took a week to write. I've also been doing about a million other non-crafty things this month, all of which are now done. Now that I'm back to my normal schedule, I'll start posting to the blog every few days. I have about 50 things to talk about, so be prepared for the information storm coming at ya! I"ll also film some new videos starting next week, so if you would like to see a specific video, now is the time to request for one!

In Seoul, autumn is just starting to happen. The trees in Urbana, where our alma mater is, begin turning colors at the start of September. By the end of October, many trees have started shedding their colorful leaves. But in Seoul, mostly because of the subtropical nature of this climate, trees don't begin to change colors until the start of October. Now that the 80 degree days are behind us, the leaves are turning beautiful yellows, oranges, and reds. Here are the gingko trees by our balcony:

I'll be back with a new post about woolen yarns and my own personal journey!