Thursday, February 6, 2014

Free Knitting Pattern: A Tale of Two Cozies

I've been needing to make a couple of patterns like these. And I needed to find a pattern suitable for random bits of sample yarn. After polling Facebook, it looked like "coffee cozy" was the thing to make. And fits a serious need! And you know what else?--a beer cozy fits a serious need too. Well, if I'm already making one, why not make two? :)

I also really like naming my patterns with people names. But in keeping with the Facebook derived nature of this pattern, it seemed natural to ask ya'll what they should be named! Heather Bair hit the nail on the head with Mutt and Jeff. Not only is a name like Mutt funny, but this combo is surprisingly appropriate. The beer cozy is tall and willowy, just like its namesake Mutt. And the short, stubby coffee cozy fits its namesake Jeff. Both patterns are listed together in the same .pdf download, so click the link and read about a Tale of Two Cozies!

Skills needed for this pattern are fairly basic. If you can knit in the round, you can make these cozies. I'll also teach you about how to make a jogless stripe. It's not as intricate or confusing as you might think and the result will be perfect stripes the whole way around the cozy. Enjoy!