Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fabulous Fibers from WoolGatherings on Etsy!

I had been watching the fiber in this shop since forever ago, so it was high time to buy some fiber from them--and I'm totally glad I did! I still have one braid leftover from this hoard, so I should probably drag it out of storage and play with it. But what to make? Hmm...

Originally posted on August 28, 2012:

I’ve been eye-balling the lovely colors from woolgatherings. I bought some, since hubby needs a new scarf, right? Yes, of course he does. I went all out on the textures, and I bought silk, camel, bfl, firestar, and polwarth. Yep, a little overboard, but that’s okay. It’s supposed to make me feel like I’m back home, right? I ended up buying 7 braids in all, some of which were true luxury blends! And now, some glamour shots:

This one is going to turn into either a lovely, full-length shawl (or maybe a stole), or it will be a beautiful, chunky cabled scarf. The colors really pop in this colorway, and with the shimmer from the firestar, I think it would look really fantastic. The fiber content is 70% bfl and 30% firestar:

 The one of the left in this picture is a luxury blend of 40% camel, 40% merino, and 20% silk. I think I’ll either make a lacy scarf with this, or I’ll make some beautiful mittens (my mittens of 5 years just bit the dust at the end of last winter). The fiber on the right is 85% polwarth and 15% silk. I’m not sure what this one will turn out to be...

 The braid on the right in this picture has the same contact as the one above on the left, 40/40/20. This one has a lovely greyish purple and sage green combo. I’m not too sure what to do with this one either.

 Finally, this one is a combination of 80% black alpaca and 20% cultivated silk. It is such a stunning color, and is exactly the reason why hubby wanted it. He’s getting a new scarf, and it’s gonna be made out of this. I bought two braids for a scarf, so I can either go with chunky or thin, depending on the pattern I choose. Do you think it might look okay knit up into cables? I’d like to expand away from my usual rib or seed stitch patterns for him. :)

For all of the growing excitement I’ve been having for some fall colorways, I didn’t buy any this time (maybe the polwarth braid comes close?). You’ll have to wait to see what I packed to have shipped over here. It won’t be here until mid-October.